Discovering Physical and Emotional Wellness:

Find Your Intention, and Love Your Well-Being!!!

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Let Dimensions Reiki become your source of health and wellness through our practice of the Usui System of Natural Healing, commonly known as Reiki, now in New Jersey (NJ) and Arizona (AZ)!

Reiki healing helps to remind the body, mind, and spirit of a state of wellness, at once both relaxing and energizing, and our practice of Reiki is the driving of intention to channel universal healing and light into our clients.  In conjunction with its non-invasive nature, Reiki helps to promote balance and health, focusing on and helping to address

many physical ailments.  It continues to be used as a complementary practice for most common medical procedures, soothing resulting symptoms and speeding healing, and it is effective both in person and remotely through distance healing.  With our psychic connection to Spirit, our medical intuition helps us identify the root causes of physical and emotional dis-ease.  Sign up for a Reiki session or a psychic reading today!

Reiki healing is also used to stimulate relief and balance within the recipients' emotional energies.  Putting into practice the wisdom of "no past, no present, no future," the translation of the Reiki symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, we guide Reiki healing energy to help our clients let go of past emotional trauma in order to grant spiritual wellness to their futures. 


Through our extensive work, Dimensions Reiki has experience with hosting Reiki therapy sessions with family pets and other animals.  Whether face-to-face or remotely, our practitioners are happy to work with your furry loved ones.


In our interest to share the wondrous teachings of Reiki with new people, our founder, Jeff Carpenter, Reiki Master Teacher in New Jersey, offers a variety of Reiki training classes for both new and previously attuned students.

The new Dimensions Center of Wellness in Matawan, NJ, is expanding our connection and work with Spirit as we begin offering psychic and medium readings.  Come visit us, and see how we can help you find YOUR intention!

Member, Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce (NJ)

For more information, please contact us with any inquiries.