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Thomas Baird Homestead 

1st Annual Psychic Fundraiser

Available time slots for:

NOTE: Online reservations will close at 12pm on Saturday, September 22nd.  All are tracked manually, so please be patient while updates are received and implemented.

Donna - Spiritual Card Readings


Filomena   - Regrettably, Filomena will not be able to participate in the 2018 Psychic Fundraiser.  We would like to welcome Donna as a last-minute change.

We understand that guests may have registered for specific medium services, and we are working on ways to accommodate these services through other readers. 







Biography - Donna Russo (Heart Soul Intuitive)

I became aware of my gift at the age of nine, when I would have dreams that came to fruition and heard voices giving me information about people and situations, that I couldn’t possibly know about. I felt energy and spirit presences but didn’t know what it meant.  My upbringing was Italian/Irish Catholic—this was not a topic for exploring or discussing with family, especially since my parents actually dismissed psychics and healers as delusional people. Yet here I was on my journey and as I got older, I couldn’t deny who I was and the inner calling that I was to use my abilities to help others.


What is the question from your Heart? What would you like to hear from your Soul?My specialty is tapping into your Heart (authentic true self), as well as listening to your Soul (universal truth/Life message). I offer card readings using several card decks, as I am guided, and utilize numerology. I also read people from photos and do animal communication. 

I offer several types of readings for the guidance you seek, which are detailed on my website. I do in person readings at several locations in New Jersey, as well as conduct personal,  private readings over the phone. All sessions are conducted professionally and with the highest intention from Spirit and Love without judgement. My readings are direct and  honest. Please contact me at:



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