Relay for Life of Old Bridge 

1st Annual Psychic Fundraiser

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NOTE: Online reservations will close at 10pm on Thursday, February 28th.  All are tracked manually, so please be patient while updates are received and implemented.

Denise - a) Reiki   energy healing  

    OR b) Vedic Palmistry (Palm reading and Medium messages from Spirits)





Biography - Denise Graziano

Denise's story since she was a child has been a journey of discovering and embracing her psychic mediumship abilities. Denise's gift became evident when, as a young girl, she was visited by her deceased great-grandfather who communicated with her. He introduced her to the world of Spirit without fear. From then on, Denise's connection with the Other Side strengthened, and she wanted to understand why she had been chosen. She kept her gift somewhat private until she was introduced to her mentor Elsie, an elderly physical medium. Elsie held development nights for mediums in her home, and Denise was encouraged to join. During these classes, Denise discovered her abilities as a physical medium and healer. It was then that she knew it was time to help others. Denise learned the art of seance from Elsie and went on to learn Vedic palmistry and became a Reiki Master. Denise currently sees clients for private readings, in person or on the phone, for Chakra balancing, Reiki sessions, Sage house cleansings, and seances with groups of 6 or more in her space or at your home.

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