Relay for Life of Old Bridge 

1st Annual Psychic Fundraiser

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NOTE: Online reservations will close at 10pm on Thursday, February 28th.  All are tracked manually, so please be patient while updates are received and implemented.

Tracy - a) Reiki   healing therapy

        OR b) Angel Card psychic reading





Biography - Tracy Blair

Tracy is an Empath, Reiki Master and Angel card reader. She uses her intuitive senses to "tune in" and connect to the energies around her and provide healing on a deeper level, and she communicates messages that she receives from the Angelic realm.

She is also a meditation enthusiast. She has studied numerous forms of meditation and believes that, in today’s world of constant chaos and distractions, a calm, quiet mind provides the ideal canvas to create a solid foundation of inner peace and harmony.

Tracy has an affinity for healing and helping others find peace, clarity and balance through her gifts.


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