Masonic Spiritual Holiday Bazaar - Melissa

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NOTE: Online reservations will close at 12pm on Friday, December 4th.  All are tracked manually, so please be patient while updates are received and implemented.

Melissa   - Spiritual Card Readings






Biography - Melissa Strang

Melissa has been aware of her connection to the spiritual world for most of her life. She assumed that the unusual things that she was experiencing were isolated incidents that just made for good stories to share.

It wasn’t until she was introduced to the practice of Reiki healing and the role of light workers that Melissa felt drawn to seek a deeper understanding and connection to the process. She continued to work toward developing her abilities as an empath and healer and by the time that she had become a Certified Reiki Master, her psychic and mediumship abilities had begun to unfold. With the training and guidance of gifted and highly-regarded psychic medium teachers, Melissa is now working with her own clients to provide healing and guidance, as well as connections to those in Spirit.