Testimonials, continued...

Our clients and students continue to provide excellent feedback all the time.  Additional testimonials will be uploaded as they are received.


Dominic C., Phoenix, AZ : "At age 78 with two bad hips, I am in quite a bit of pain constantly. I asked Linda Carpenter [AZ Reiki practitioner] to practice Reiki healing to help my pain. It was pretty spectacular. The next day, not only was my soreness relieved, but I also had more energy and a more positive outlook. I asked for another session as soon as she could set one up. Reiki has given me relief from constant pain and new hope for the future. I recommend it to everyone."

Donna H., Pompton Plains, NJ : "Being new to Reiki I was initially skeptical about [Jeff Carpenter's] ability to heal from a totally hands off position. However, the work you did on the knot in my shoulder did the trick.  My significant shoulder pain is now down to a dull tinge.  Before your session the pain felt worst lying in bed, making it very hard to go to sleep.  I'd toss and turn trying to find a comfortable spot.  I'd even unintentionally wake up my husband because I was moving around so much, impacting his sleep too. Now I'm much more comfortable and sleeping is a whole lot easier.  In fact, I'm feeling infinitely better.  Thank you for sharing your gift of healing.  I'm a total believer in your ability!!"

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