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Thomas Baird Homestead 

1st Annual Psychic Fundraiser

Available time slots for:

NOTE: Online reservations will close at 12pm on Saturday, September 22nd.  All are tracked manually, so please be patient while updates are received and implemented.

Carol - Reiki  healing  - soothing energy therapy to relieve stress and pain







Biography - Carol Wingerter

About ten years ago, Carol went for a Reiki session.  She was so impressed by how she felt after it that she took classes on all the levels and became a Reiki Master.

Carol worked out of the Center for Relaxation & Healing for four years doing Reiki and Rising Star chakra work.   She also taught Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) there.  


Currently, Carol does a variety of healing sessions at her home. Not only does she work on people, she also travels to work on horses and dogs.     

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