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For people interested in becoming Reiki healers and those looking to continue their paths of Reiki attunement, our Reiki Master Teacher in New Jersey offers various classes to meet the needs of new and attuned Reiki practitioners.  Please visit our Calendar page for more details on upcoming classes!  New training workshops, like Psychic Self-Defense, are being added all the time, so visit our calendar often!


During a Reiki class, the student will learn a variety of techniques and have the opportunity to practice reading a client's energy field, according to the Reiki level sought.  Each class will culminate in the student's attunement to the appropriate Reiki symbols through crystals, and the student will receive his or her own crystals as part of the class along with the class certificate.  Class notes will also be provided by Dimensions Reiki to each student.


Students who have already been attuned to specific Reiki levels will need to present their certificates in order to participate in more advanced classes.


Level I Class:

  • Introduction to Reiki

  • History of Reiki

  • Receiving Intuitive Messages

  • Shielding

  • Inviting Reiki Spirit Guides

  • Driving Intention

  • Self-Healing Hand Positions

  • Level I Attunement


Level II Class: (Level I or higher certificate required)

  • Review of Reiki Level I Practices

  • Mental/Emotional Healing

  • Client Hand Positions and Healing

  • Distance Healing

  • Level II Attunement

Master Class Options: (Level II, III, or ART certificate required)

  • Review of Reiki Symbols and Uses

  • Healing Practice at Masters Level

  • Master Teacher's Training

  • Practice in Attuning Other Students

  • Business Discussions for Your Reiki Practice

  • Advanced Techniques in Reiki

  • Master Attunement


Reiki Classes (currently available in the New York-New Jersey area)

Reiki Level I Attunement

Reiki Level II Attunement

Reiki Level I and II Attunements, Combined

Reiki Master Practitioner Attunement and Training

Reiki Master Practitioner Attunement and Training

Reiki Master Teacher Attunement and Training

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