Masonic Spiritual Holiday Bazaar - Phyllis

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NOTE: Online reservations will close at 12pm on Friday, December 4th.  All are tracked manually, so please be patient while updates are received and implemented.

Phyllis   - Please select ONE:

a) Connecting with Loved Ones via Mediumship through Writing; OR

b) Psychic Readings via Tarot Cards






Biography - Phyllis Mitchell

Phyllis has been fascinated with psychic and medium abilities all through her life.  Her grandmother read Tarot cards and tea leaves.   This made an impression on Phyllis.   Her high school dream was to look into the future. She eventually made that dream a reality. 

Having always been read by psychics and mediums, they told her she had great intuition.  However, Phyllis chose a profession in accounting.   Years later she took a class on reading Tarot cards, and her natural ability presented itself. 

For the past several years, she has been reading Tarot cards as one way to help people solve issues, guide them on their path and yes – look into the future.

More recently, she has discovered her ability to connect with spirits that have passed.  They give her messages for Loved Ones and validations of what is currently happening in the life of the sitter/client.