Dimensions Center of Wellness

The Dimensions Center of Wellness in Matawan, NJ, is the central headquarters for Dimensions Reiki.  With facilities for hosting Reiki therapy services, you can lounge in comfort as you relax and enjoy the benefits of Reiki:

  * pain reduction

  * stress relief

  * improved well-being and balance

  * focused wellness therapy to complement 

        your medical program

If you would prefer in-home services for family, friends, and even pets, please contact us to schedule an appointment!

We also provide Reiki classes and attunements to certify new and developing practitioners on their paths to become energy healers.

We are passionate about serving as your spiritual advisors, so we have expanded our offerings to psychic readings and spirit mediumship to connect with Loved Ones from Beyond the Veil, all the while sharing messages of love and insight to provide guidance and hope.

Our latest service includes hands-on spiritual cleansings, both of individuals and of homes and offices, including removing spiritual cords and entities from your energy aura. http://TheSpiritRescuer.com

To help spread the word of Spirit, we offer various workshops on psychic development and other special events to meet your spiritual needs.

Check out our Upcoming Events page for more information!

Dimensions Center of Wellness, Matawan, NJ

Ready for YOUR connections to SPIRIT!

Reiki energy therapy, medical intuition, psychic messages, and medium readings

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Dimensions Center of Wellness

169 Main Street, Suite 105

Matawan, NJ 07747, USA.



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