Workshop: Paranormal Contact!

February 16, 2018 @ 7:30-9:30pm

Pre-registration: $20.00 per person
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Come join Jeff at the Dimensions Center of Wellness for a night of reviewing compelling evidence from several ghost investigations he hosted! Energy sensitivity is part of the training we receive as Reiki practitioners; when it evolves into psychic mediumship and communicating with the Dead, the paranormal world gets very interesting...  

Jeff is a developing psychic medium as well as a member of Sister Paranormal Investigators (SPI). He founded SPI East to expand the team's investigation locations and helping people who are dealing with paranormal challenges. He continues to offer assistance through house cleansing and spirit release services.  Jeff's book "Discovering Intention: A Sensitive's Guide to the Engineering Mind" will be available for purchase both before and after the lecture.


The lecture includes:

  • Introduction to Reiki and energy sensitivity

  • Discussions on the scientific support for working with Spirit

  • Evidence summaries from many paranormal investigations, including several in New Jersey

  • Q&A on Reiki, mediumship, and the Paranormal

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