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Mastering Your Energy

Welcome to our latest course designed to teach you how Science and Spirituality unite to help you improve your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-being! 
This compelling course, consisting of seven (7) modules that can stand alone or be integrated into an entire program, is intended to illustrate how the laws and properties of physical energy explain the behavior of your spiritual work, giving you insightful instructions on how to better manage your energy field for peace, protection, and tuning into Spirit!

Mastering Your Energy is designed to teach you:

– Techniques and tools to cleanse your physical, emotional, and spiritual energies

– Scientific laws and theories that explain how your spiritual state of being is directly related to the properties of energy exchange and transformation

– Mindset changes to set your Intention more effectively

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Module 1: The Science of Spirit: How Does Spiritual Energy Really Work? (VIMEO link below)

To set the stage for the following weeks of the program, we will begin by discussing how one of the most important components to learning to work with Spirit is understanding the properties of energy. Knowing how energy behaves helps us conceive of how to change our intentions to manage our own energy.

  • Properties of energy

  • Intention creates energy

  • Vibrations Energy healing

  • Vibrations in Psychic and medium readings

Stream Module 1-The Science of Spirit on VIMEO!


Module 2: Chakras and Their Purposes: Are You Listening to Them? (VIMEO link below)

The major energy locations of the body are the Chakras, or “wheels,” and this class delves into the purpose of each of the 7 main Chakras, how they are influenced by energy from inside and out, and how they behave according scientific laws. You will receive a clear quartz pendulum and learn how to “read” the Chakras, or you are free to use your own pendulum for these exercises.

  • Defining “Chakra”

  • Identifying the Chakras

  • Learning their individual functions

  • Measuring the flow of energy in the Chakras

Stream Module 2-Chakras and Their Purposes on VIMEO!


Module 3: Energy Grounding: Drain Out What You Don’t Want!

One of the most important energy-management practices you can learn is grounding. Grounding refers to removing excess energy from your body and spirit, especially the energy you absorb from other people. Physical pain, negative emotions, and spiritual interference are all potential sources of excess energy. In this class, you will practice techniques for grounding energy, regardless of the source.

  • Understanding the process of grounding

  • Changing your mindset to manage your energy

  • Grounding vs. Protection

  • Practicing to release what you DON’T want

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Module 4: Meditation Techniques: Changing Your Personal Energy

A great way to help balance our individual energy is to meditate. These techniques let us direct the energy healing and negativity removal using our own intention. Guided meditations also allow us to follow along with the instructions of a practitioner who leads the meditation, often for a specific purpose. You will participate in a guided meditation during the class.

  • Meditating with purpose

  • Working with the intuitive mind vs. the thinking mind

  • Joining a guided meditation to connect with the Moon!

COMING SOON on VIMEO! Module 4-Meditation Techniques

Module 5: Spirit Guides – Never Leave Home Without Them!

With any new endeavor or class, it’s always beneficial to find a teacher or mentor to help you learn the ropes. Your spiritual journey is no different. Each of us has one or more Spirit Guides assigned to assist in his spiritual development. This class discusses the general behaviors of these mentors in Spirit and how to work with them. You will take part in a meditation to meet your own Spirit Guide.

  • What is a Spirit Guide, and how do we work with them?

  • What is the Hierarchy of Spirit?

  • Meeting your Spirit Guide

  • Sitting in the Power with your Guide

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Module 6: Aura Cleansing and Protection: Seal It Up!

“Shields up!” The aura is the electromagnetic field around your body that can protect you from unwanted energies. Keeping your vibration high is critical to maintaining the strength and integrity of your aura. In this class, you will learn how your Intention sets the energy filters of your aura to allow through what you wish to receive and repel what you don’t want.

  • The science of the aura

  • How Intention drives the aura

  • Meditating on your aura to cleanse and strengthen it

Stream Module 6-Aura Cleansing and Protection on VIMEO!

Module 7: Psychic Self-Defense: It’s an Everyday Thing ($35.00 per person)

In the final class of the “Mastering Your Energy” course, we will examine how daily actions can introduce psychic attacks. There are many methods of protecting yourself from psychic attacks. However, attacks of negative intention go far beyond the spiritual assaults that we usually see on TV, and you were learn different methods to protect yourself from this energetic interference.

  • Thoughts have energy and strength

  • What are psychic attacks?

  • Protecting ourselves through maintaining high vibrations

  • Items that can help us improve our aura

COMING SOON on VIMEO! Module 7-Psychic Self-Defense


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