Workshop: Introduction to Psychic

Development - May 30, 2021 @

1pm-5pm Eastern

Cost: $100.00 (includes NJ Sales Tax)

Online registration required.

Everyone has a connection with Spirit; this class is designed to help you tap into this connection, develop your own extra-sensory perceptions, and learn to use your intuitive gifts to perform psychic readings. Getting your analytical mind out of the way helps to solidify the stream of psychic information coming in, and the class will take you through several psychic exercises to provide a practical approach to using your psychic abilities. No prior experience or training is required. 

Please bring your notebook and pen, and please bring objects with you to work in the class: a picture of someone whom you know well and an object belonging to a living person whom you know well.  These items will be used as part of the psychic exercises.

This class will be in our Dimensions Reiki office in Matawan, NJ.

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Payment must be made by 5pm Saturday 3/27 to join in person.

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