Publication: "The Millstone Times"-October 2017

A Walk Back in Time

With Renowned Psychic Jeffrey Carpenter

By Pam Teel

What a great way to start off the Halloween month of October with a nice ghost walk through some of the older homes in town. Medium and Psychic, Jeffrey Carpenter, from Aberdeen, once again focused his attention on the town of Millstone as he sought to speak to the spiritual inhabitants that live among us!

First stop was the Baird House, which is now the Thomas Baird Educational and Cultural Center. Accompanied by Town Historian JoAnn Kelty, and Marcy Havens, who is a direct descendant of the Thomas Baird family, myself and another staff member, Jeff set out to see if any of Marcy’s old relatives were still hanging around the old Baird Homestead.

Jeff sees spirits in many different ways; sometimes as orbs, sometimes as shadows or silhouettes of energy, and yes, even, on several occasions as full bodied apparitions. The spirits that are willing, not all are, walking within the very same space as us, possibly in another realm, find ways to interact with Jeff. On the mediumistic level, Jeff is a clairvoyant (clear seeing) with some claircognizance (clear knowing). The spirits show him evidence of their existence, describe shared experiences, and even provide messages to him.

Jeff went to College for Aerospace Engineering. Five years ago he would tell you that he was the biggest skeptic of anything even being a possibility in the spiritual world, coming from a science background. His discovering the other side, so to speak, came about accidentally when he made a bet with a friend. If he lost, he would have to accompany his friend to a Reiki class. Suffice to say, Jeff lost the bet and in 2013, he took his first reiki class. Out of nowhere, he had a psychic vision about the woman sitting next to him. He even scared himself when out of the blue he gave her advice about a situation that she had never verbally talked to him about. After that, his psychic abilities just started to open up, as if a door had been opened. Jeff currently works with five spirit guides every day whether doing Reiki work or psychic work.













named William. She called him Billy. Sarah was familiar with Joann because Joann spent many hours at the Baird house helping to restore it. Joann would often hear giggling and she also felt like she was being touched. Sarah confirmed that she would laugh at Joann when she was up on the ladder and that she was the one touching her. Sarah also showed Jeff that she would sneak books from her dad’s bookshelves, probably those she wasn’t allowed to read, and come up to the attic to read them. She liked playing in the attic. She also touched Jeff a few times while he was up there.


In the parlor area: We got a whiff of pipe tobacco. Jeff saw an older man sitting in a chair by the fireplace. He told Jeff this is where he liked to sit. The chair was his throne. The man had a bulbous nose and was stocky. Jeff got a name that was possibly James. Joann told him that a James Campbell once lived in the house. The man seemed annoyed at Jeff but not at Joann when she sat down in his chair. Jeff did get a few k2 meter hits and one of the spirits told him to use a certain piece of equipment so he could try to communicate better with him. We also heard footsteps from above when we were in the parlor.










very bitter about it. She did not like having to watch the grandchildren all the time. She was tiny and had on a grey dress with a bustle in the back. Jeff suggested that she brought a lot of the drama onto herself and that she could have made the best of the situation. Alma did not like that. Over one of the instruments, she said "but MAD." Jeff saw and photographed a floating anomaly for about 6 seconds and was lucky enough to get the orb with his camera on the servants’ steps in the hearth room that led up to a back bedroom.


Basement: Mel meter fluctuation was up to 1.9 mG, Jeff also got interactive K2 hits on his meter. A spirit communicated with Joann and Jeff by setting off the K2 meter for 5 minutes. Jeff "saw" an African-American "slave" but he was dressed in a blue suit coat like a servant. When we started going down the basement and talking about the dangerous steps, the servant told Jeff how it would irritate him to carry ice blocks up and down them. Joanne asked if he lived in Little Africa and he answered yes. (Little Africa was the unofficial name of the area off of Smithville Road, where slaves and former slaves lived.) Joann also asked if he went to the AME Church off Smithville Road and he answered yes. Jeff saw him as a tall, muscular man. He got the name Johnny.

Bedroom with rope bed: Jeff experienced heavy pressure in the air and he was getting very dizzy, but no meter readings or voices. The room had a handmade picture that Joann found in the attic of a little girl.

Final bedroom: no meter hits but Jeff caught a glimpse of the face of an older man with a pipe in his mouth near the closet.

In the Next issue, we continue part 2 of our Spirit walk with a trip to town historian, Joanne Kelty’s, circa 1785 home and the Cook Cemetery.

Our thanks to Jeffrey Carpenter for sharing his time and his psychic gifts with us!

What Jeff Found at the Thomas Baird Homestead: Upon coming up the back walk, Jeff encountered a little girl peering down from one of the attic windows. She appeared to be dressed circa 1850 style clothing. Jeff got that her name began with an S and Joann confirmed that there was a young girl named Sarah Baird who once lived in the house. The little girl then proceeded to tell Jeff that she liked to play hide and seek and would come up to the attic and hide in one of the old trunks. There were still old trunks present in the attic. She told him that no one could ever find her and that she spent a lot of time hiding in the trunks. She also liked to play with someone

Hearth room: As Jeff turned the corner; he saw a quick image of an older, small woman in a white bonnet and black dress with a sour expression, watching over grandchildren. He got several hits in the chair next to the hearth where he saw her. He got a name either Ella or Elsa. Marcy asked if it could be Alma, her great grandmother. The woman complained about her son being uncontrollable and troublesome. They would have to chain him to the school radiator when he was younger. Alma was resentful because she came from Philadelphia and was quite the socialite. She was brought here, in the middle of nowhere, and she was

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