Reiki Healing with Animals: Ewa the Goat

Dimensions Reiki would like to introduce you to Ewa ( pronounced EVA), the first goat I have helped to heal with Reiki. Ewa's beautiful baby boy was stillborn and did quite a bit of physical damage to her. I practiced Reiki on her the day of the tragedy and she, like the other animals Dimensions Reiki has served, lay her head in my hands and took in the energy. She was standing up the next day when I arrived and took in the energy for about ten minutes then walked to play with her sisters. By day 3, most of the horrific swelling she suffered was gone. Her humans, Alison and Robert, had taken excellent care of her with antibiotics and plenty of TLC, and the Reiki energy healing aided her quick recovery. Animals are amazingly open to the healing light of Reiki and it helps them tremendously.

Dimensions Reiki says: Find YOUR Intention! In New Jersey and now in Arizona!

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