Psychic and Medium Services

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At our Center of Wellness in New Jersey, we are offering additional services to expand your connection with Spirit. 


Psychic readings provide messages and insight into activities, family members, and even the future.  The session length varies according to the client's purposes, and they are performed in the Center or even at agreed-upon locations.  The readings can use different types of divination tools, such as cards or pendulums.


Mediumship is our psychic offering that connects you with Loved Ones in Spirit (family, friends, even people you have never met in person) to obtain proof of survival and receive messages on any facet of the client's life.  During some sessions, it is possible to have multiple "visitors" join the client.  If the client is looking to communicate with a specific person in Spirit, we can also use psychometry, the reading of a specific object (e.g., picture, jewelry, article of clothing, etc.) owned by and infused with the energy of the person in life.

In-Home Private Readings or Special Events: contact us for more details

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