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Reiki Therapy Sessions


During one of our in-person Reiki sessions, you will be positioned fully clothed on a massage table on his or her back in our office, or, as part of an in-home visit, you can choose to lay down in a more comfortable location.  Our practitioners will discuss your preference of conducting the session in a hands-on or hands-off manner, with the hands-off approach having the practitioner's hands hovering a few inches above you.  The practitioner's channeling of energy may introduce tingling, heat, or cold sensations in certain locations on or within your body.  There may also be an emotional release during or after the session.  All of these effects are normal and to be expected, and they help confirm the effective flow of energy to give you healing, balance, and empowerment!

Another option we offer is called distance healing, in which the practitioner sends Reiki energy to you remotely using a picture you provide.  The practitioner will coordinate a date and time for the distance healing session and then channel the universal energy to you with the same benefits of peace, harmony, and wellness as if the session was hosted in person.  Upon your request, the session can be held over the phone, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype, and you will receive a full debriefing of the practitioner's findings at the end of the session.

We are also offering a 10-minute soul energy reading as part of our remote Reiki services to give you insight and direction into the state of your energy and your soul purpose!

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Animal Reiki Healing Sessions - In-Person or Distance Healing:

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