"The Resident Haunts" Paranormal Documentary!

The amazing and insightful documentary The Resident Haunts, available on DVD and through Vimeo online distribution!


Sister Paranormal Investigators (SPI) has taken up residence in the old Watt & Tarbell, Undertakers mortuary in old Tombstone! The history of "The Town Too Tough to Die" in southern Arizona is full of conflict and tragedy, with bloody gunfights, brutal claim-jumping activities, and the "entertainment" of the soiled doves serving as reminders of the dangers and pleasures of the Wild West! The Watt & Tarbell mortuary now holds the spirits of many of the people who passed through its front doors. SPI has documented over 500 unique names of the spirits in the mortuary! Shot on location, the documentary shares over 60 minutes of evidence of the souls that still roam the building even to this day!


It's time for you to meet...The Resident Haunts!


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