Dimensions Reiki offers a variety of Reiki healing, house cleansing, and psychic and medium services to improve your well-being as well as balance and harmonize your energy.  We are also proud to announce that it would be our pleasure to officiate your wedding! Please contact us to schedule an appointment day or night with our practitioners in New Jersey and our new Arizona extension.  Don't forget that our practitioners are ready to work on animals as clients, too!  Visit the Classes page to review training opportunities.

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Psychic Readings and Medium Communication (New Jersey only)


Dimensions is constantly looking for new ways to serve your metaphysical needs.  As we grow our Center of Wellness in New Jersey, we are offering additional services to expand your connection with Spirit. 


Psychic readings provide messages and insight into activities, family members, and even the future.  The session length varies according to the client's purposes, and they are performed in the Center or even at agreed-upon locations.  The readings can use different types of divination tools, such as cards or pendulums.


Mediumship is our psychic offering that connects you with Loved Ones in Spirit (family, friends, even people you have never met in person) to obtain proof of survival and receive messages on any facet of the client's life.  During some sessions, it is possible to have multiple "visitors" join the client.  If the client is looking to communicate with a specific person in Spirit, we can also use psychometry, the reading of a specific object (e.g., picture, jewelry, article of clothing, etc.) owned by and infused with the energy of the person in life.



Reiki Therapy Sessions


During one of our in-person Reiki sessions, the client will be positioned on a massage table on his or her back, or the client can choose to lay down in a more comfortable location during an in-home visit.  The client will remain fully clothed.  Our practitioners will discuss the client's preference of conducting the session in a hands-on or hands-off manner, with the hands-off approach having the practitioner's hands hovering above the client.  The practitioner's channeling of energy may introduce tingling, heat, or cold sensations in certain locations on or within the client's body.  There may also be an emotional release during or after the session.  All of these effects are normal and to be expected, and they help confirm the effective flow of energy into the client.

Another option we offer for a Reiki session is called distance healing, in which the practitioner sends Reiki energy to the client remotely.  The practitioner and the client coordinate a date and time for the distance healing session, and the practitioner channels the universal energy to the client with the same effects and benefits as if the session was hosted in person.  The session can be held over the phone or via Skype, and the client will receive a full debriefing of the practitioner's findings at the end of the session.

(Visit our Practitioners page to see the services each practitioner offers.)

Special Offers!

* Honoring the men and women of the Armed Services, Dimensions Reiki provides a 10% discount for active military personnel and veterans (ID or documentation required) for the initial session.


* Pre-paying for four or more Reiki energy healing sessions in a single, up-front payment provides a 10% discount as well!


Energy Cleansing of Homes and other Spaces (New Jersey only)

As part of our services, we can also improve your overall well-being through cleansing your home, apartment, or even office.  We can help remove unwanted energies from the space that were left there from traumatic experiences or from previous owners...and not necessarily the most recent ones.  We use a combination of Reiki energy, crystals, and smudging. 


The session usually lasts one to two hours, depending upon the size of the location.  We normally start with smuding the area, adding sea salt or other cleansing services, and then we fill and seal the area with Reiki energy.  In some situations, the cleansing may involve several sessions, always to be determined by our clients.

Reiki Therapy Sessions


In-person Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing - 30 minutes

In-person Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing - 60 minutes

Distance Healing and Chakra Balancing - 30 Minutes

Distance Healing and Chakra Balancing - 60 Minutes

Animal Reiki Healing Sessions - In-Person or Distance Healing:

contact us for more details

House/Space Cleansing: contact us to set up a walkthrough of the location

     - Usually lasts about 90-120 minutes

     - Makes use of sage smudging and sea salt cleansing techniques


In-Home Energy Cleansing

Psychic and Medium Sessions

In-Person Private Readings or Special Events: contact us for more details

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