Spiritual Cleansing Services

Energy Cleansing of Homes and other Spaces (New Jersey only)

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As part of our services, we can also improve your overall well-being through cleansing your home, apartment, or even office.  We can help remove unwanted energies from the space that were left there from traumatic experiences or from previous owners...and not necessarily the most recent ones.  We use a combination of Reiki energy, crystals, and smudging. 


The session usually lasts one to two hours, depending upon the size of the location.  We normally start with smuding the area, adding sea salt or other cleansing services, and then we fill and seal the area with Reiki energy.  In some situations, the cleansing may involve several sessions, always to be determined by our clients.

House/Space Cleansing: contact us to set up a walkthrough of the location

     - Usually lasts about 90-120 minutes, but varies according to the size of the home and the necessity to work with spiritual interferences

     - Makes use of Reiki energy work, sage smudging and sea salt cleansing techniques

     - Christian blessings available


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