SpiritWeek! in October

Looking for the "real thing" to celebrate Halloween? Join us throughout the week of October 21-29, 2018, for our spiritual events that will work and communicate with Spirit, including the amazing 4-hour LIVE ghost tours at the haunted Murray Grove Retreat!  Spirit awaits...

Interactive evidence of intelligent entities at Murray Grove!

(Nov., 2015)

Visit the individual event pages to register for these incredible events! Feel free to contact us to schedule your own private energy healing and psychic sessions! Check our Calendar for additional information on future classes and workshops, and let us know if there are events in which we can participate to add a touch of Spirit!


Dimensions at Mystic Night!

Cafe La De Da, Red Bank, NJ -  October 19, 2018 @ 6pm-9pm

Visit the beautiful Café La De Da for Mystic Night, an evening of insight and healing while communicating with your Loved Ones from Beyond the Veil and getting an Angel Card reading! Food, fun, and spiritual connections - an amazing night with something for everyone! Contact the readers directly to schedule your appointments:
- Medium Readings: Jeffrey Carpenter 732-832-1036 Dimensionsreiki@gmail.com 
- Angel Card Readings: Jody Umans 201-220-1790 Jody@aneye4beauty.com


Class: Reiki Combined Levels I and II Certification

Dimensions Reiki Office, Matawan, NJ -  October 20, 2018 @ 10am-3pm

Begin your own spiritual journey by becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner!


Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center, Lanoka Harbor, NJ - October 21, 2018 @ 530pm-930pm


Workshop: Grounding Your Energy

Dimensions Reiki Office, Matawan, NJ -  October 22, 2018 @ 730pm-930pm

The purpose of this workshop is to provide techniques to remove excess energy from your energy field to help you raise your vibration and get back to your natural energy levels. These techniques include both changes to your habits as well as procedures to drain away multiple types of undesired energy.


Workshop: The Science of Spirit

Dimensions Reiki Office, Matawan, NJ -  October 24, 2018 @ 730pm-930pm

Join Jeff for a workshop created to introduce you to many scientific principles describing energy and its properties in order to show you how they are directly related to various practices in your daily work with connecting to Spirit. While he is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and a developing psychic medium, Jeff's approach to working with Spirit has also evolved from his technical expertise in both aerospace engineering and in global IT communications. Jeff will provide many examples of the scientific parallels between energetic theories and Spirit work to illustrate that many of the well-known laws of energy behavior do apply to your metaphysical practices.


Reiki Healing Meditation and Circle

Dimensions Reiki Office, Matawan, NJ - October 25, 2018 @ 730pm-9pm

Are you ready for Reiki? Find out what it's all about! Come experience a guided meditation to heal and energize the energy nodes in your body known as Chakras, and then receive your own individual healing energy as part of a group healing and energy-sharing exercise. Bring your own mat, if you like. Meet others who are interested in energy healing and connecting to Spirit!



Class: Introduction to Psychic Development

Dimensions Reiki Office, Matawan, NJ - October 27, 2018 @ 1pm-5pm


Everyone has a connection with Spirit; this class is designed to help you tap into this connection, develop your own extra-sensory perceptions, and learn to use your intuitive gifts to perform psychic readings. Getting your analytical mind out of the way helps to solidify the stream of psychic information coming in, and the class will take you through several psychic exercises to provide a practical approach to using your psychic abilities. No prior experience or training is required.




Lecture: Paranormal Contact!

Dimensions Reiki Office, Matawan, NJ - October 29, 2018 @ 730-930pm


Come join Jeff for an evening of reviewing evidence from many paranormal investigations hosted by Sister Paranormal Investigators (SPI) and discuss the relationship between energy sensitivity and communicating with the Dead. Jeff will provide compelling video and audio evidence collected from several haunted locations, including places in New Jersey. Jeff will also be signing copies of his book "Discovering Intention: A Sensitive's Guide to the Engineering Mind" after the lecture.


Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center, Lanoka Harbor, NJ - October 28, 2018 @ 530pm-930pm

Join psychic medium Jeff Carpenter for this LIVE ghost investigation on these beautiful grounds to communicate with the ghostly "Pilgrims" of Murray Grove! Using his experience as a paranormal investigator and psychic medium, Jeff will take you to the major "hot spots" outside on the property as well as inside the main Lodge building, and he will help you to communicate with the ethereal souls that continue to visit the location of the first Universalist sermon back in 1770. Space is limited, so reserve YOUR spots now!


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