At Dimensions Reiki, we view the process of using Reiki to achieve states of physical and emotional well-being as a collaboration of energies between Practitioner and client.  The Practitioner's intention for channeling universal healing joins with the client's vibrational energy in a synergistic fashion.  The Practitioner often learns as much as the client does during an effective Reiki session, understanding that the spiritual healing is shared by both through the experience.   With this in mind, we welcome our clients' comments and feedback both during and after their healing sessions.


Balaji S, Edison, NJ, requested a Reiki house cleansing.  Reiki Master Jeff Carpenter completed the cleansing with a sage smudging and a sea salt cleaning.   Jeff feels he successfully performed a spirit release of an entity attached to the home, helping the spirit to Cross Over.


Balaji’s feedback: It was so relaxing and the energy was different after that.  Definitely, it was so different.  We both had a peaceful night’s sleep; it is NEVER like that. It felt much better immediately after you were done.  Also, your work was exactly where we all felt negative things in the home, like the corner of the couch, up in the attic, etc.  It looks like my son also has more sensitivity now; he felt the difference right away.  This morning, he spoke with more clarity, and he said that he had a sound sleep, which he rarely has.  He also used to be very congested, and he felt much better after this.  I would always feel very tired and drained at night, but even late at night, I felt fine.  I also feel that some of the negative emotions at home were also due to this, including impacting our health.  Thank you so much for your help!!

Allen L., Clinton, NJ, visited Reiki Master Jeff Carpenter for a 15-min Reiki therapy session at one of the many wellness expos supported by Dimensions Reiki:


"The most professional and accurate assessment. I have had a lot of treatments. One of the Best in a Very long time. Thanks for being in the right place for us. Never an accident. Namaste!"

Pam M., Phoenix, AZ:   "I have been in constant pain in my hips and lower back due to osteo-arthritis.  I have found it difficult to walk without limping and experiencing pain in my right leg for the past couple months.  I also have a hard time feeling comfortable while sleeping.


I messaged Jeff Carpenter [Reiki Master Teacher of Dimensions Reiki] on Facebook, and he was able to work [a Reiki session] with me through instant messaging!  He asked me to select a picture of myself to share with him, and then he went to work.  He mentioned to me that he saw some spots that needed attention.  He asked me some personal questions [according to the intuitions he received].  The next day, there was little pain in my leg and I found myself walking normally.  Today, I woke up refreshed after sleeping for a full 8 hours, a rare occurrence for me. 


I was fascinated with this process and had never experienced working with someone long-distance like this before.  I highly recommend Jeff.  He is a great healer and communicator.  I am grateful that he took the time to work with me."

Anita R., Phoenix, AZ:  "Since I came to better understand Jeff [Carpenter’s] journey, I also had the privilege to see the healing powers of Reiki firsthand, which struck me like lightning. My first experience occurred while he was in town visiting family when he asked if I wanted to see how Reiki worked. Nervous, but very much curious, I agreed. By him placing one hand on my shoulder, he asked me, “What’s wrong with your hip?” I just gaped at him in awe, as my hip was bothering me, but I was going to power through it, never saying a word to anyone about it. While he was talking me through the process, I did feel this sensation within my body - the pressure of my hip pain started to go away. At one point, my toes started to tingle, and Jeff confirmed that the source of my pain was leaving through my feet. I was so confused about what had happened, but right then and there, I became a true believer in Reiki healing.


My final “uh huh” moment came when [I asked for Jeff’s help] for my aunt in Los Angeles. Jeff lives in New Jersey, [and] all I told him was that she had an infection that was spreading and asked if he could help her. [He asked me for a picture of her to work with.] He asked a few questions and, from there, was able to see the source of her infection: [previous] dental work that was infecting her blood. [Per Jeff’s Reiki assessment], the infection came from her ear, [entered the blood stream,] and was going straight to her brain. Now, I’m not saying he diagnosed my aunt’s condition, but what this did allow my family to question the doctors and aunt about her condition. No one realized until that point that the dental work [may have contributed to the illness]. In short, prior to seeking Jeff’s help, my aunt’s prognosis was not very good, as doctors were saying the damage could be irreversible. My aunt has been bed-ridden for over a month with pain from her infection, not able to sit up or walk, [eventually unable to] move because of the pain. After Reiki [distance healing], she was sitting up the VERY next day, with the pain was dissipating. She’s currently still recovering at this time, but her prognosis is much better than a few weeks ago. I can and will say that was because of Jeff’s intervention through Reiki healing. My family and I are thankful and overjoyed. Thanks for letting me share my stories.

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